Let the wild science rumpus begin!

The eighth annual Cambridge Science Festival begins a week from today, with events throughout eastern Massachusetts. The program kicks off on the evening of Friday the 18th with Big Ideas for Busy People, a series of five-minute talks by prominent and soon-to-be-prominent researchers. (I love the time constraints, first encountered in the wonderful IgNobel ceremonies and a boon to those of us who have suffered through far too many droning PowerPoints.) The following day I’m volunteering at the Science Festival, truly a wild rumpus. And I hope to see as many other events as possible, especially the Koch Institute’s cancer immunotherapy flash mob, the MIT AeroAstro open house, 3D printing of ship hull models from the MIT Museum collection, the grand finale of the autonomous fighting robots challenge, an interactive talk on the science of Jello, and of course the Attack of the Robomonkeys.

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