Getting cancer drugs into the brain
Before they can get to work, treatments for brain cancer must bypass a formidable obstacle — the blood–brain barrier.
Nature, 2018

Cost of cancer drugs: something has to give
Many patients are being priced out of treatments that could save their lives.
Managed Care Magazine, 2018

Cancer immunotherapy
Nature Outlook (lead editor)
Nature, 2017

With storms intensifying and oceans on the rise, Boston weighs strategies for staying dry
A multi-billion-dollar seawall is among climate adaptation options under consideration for the iconic coastal city.
Ensia, 2017

Putting digital health monitoring tools to the test
Fitbits and smartphone apps can aid in managing chronic conditions–but only if people stay engaged.
Undark, 2017

Transgenic fish are ready for us. Are we ready for them?
After decades of regulatory and legal challenges, AquaBounty aims to bring genetically engineered salmon to U.S. and Canadian markets next year.
Ensia, 2017

Engineering the 5G network for our wireless future
Purdue engineers design ultrafast millimeter-wave networks for 5G mobile communications.
Purdue College of Engineering, 2017

Learning from social data processing
Devavrat Shah combines behavior modeling and statistics to predict our choices.
MIT Industrial Liaison Program, 2017

Optimizing the new networks
Asu Ozdaglar integrates social and economic factors into tools for understanding large-scale decentralized systems.
MIT ILP, 2017

Oxstem: Doubling down on disruption
Startup drives university research to commercialize small molecules that activate stem cells inside patients.
Nature, 2017

(Some) frogs are better parents than we thought
Nocturnal fieldwork sheds light on how parental sex roles evolve.
BU Research, 2017

Safeguarding open source software
With ‘Big Code’ analysis, Lexumo helps Internet of Things manufacturers continuously monitor their code for security vulnerabilities.
MIT ILP, 2016

Cells on trial
Four regenerative and immune-system therapies taking on the toughest cases of inflammatory bowel disease.
Nature, 2016

Crowdsourced solutions
Open competitions bring new minds, skills and collaborations to problems in biomedical research.
Nature, 2016

Turning technology into startup success
Robert Langer, who has helped launch dozens of biotech startups, looks at the long tricky road to commercialize medical innovations.
MIT ILP, 2016

Fingerprinting the brain
Zhongming Liu integrates imaging techniques for ambitious projects mapping neural networks.
Purdue College of Engineering, 2016

Big data in biomedicine
Nature Outlook (lead editor)
Nature, 2015

Normal weather drives salt marsh erosion
Waves from moderate storms, rather than violent events such as hurricanes, inflict the most loss on coastal wetlands.
BU Research, 2015

Rethinking urban life beyond the central city
Rafi Segal envisions ‘dispersed cities’ designed to provide greater sociability and sustainability.
MIT ILP, 2015

Zeroing in
A retrofitted 1920s-era home gives practical lessons for net-zero use of outside energy and water.
Purdue College of Engineering, 2015

A history of hacks and pranks at MIT.
MIT Press, 2011 (contributor)

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